Chinese film festival climaxes slowly Added:1.6. 2006
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Chinese film festival climaxes slowly

In the Czech cities in twelve days settled festival of Chinese films. Showcasing the best of what China's film industry over the past five years has produced, started 05/24 Prague film The Way Home. Gradually, more will come to Brno, Olomouc and Czech Budejovice, where the action 4.6 ends.

In total, eight films screened, including six feature films, one documentary and one animated. All the works received prestigious awards not only in China itself, but also beyond, the world-renowned film festivals in Berlin and Venice.

Chinese cinema has a long history. Last year, celebrated its centennial. Every year revolves around 120 feature films. The Chinese cinemas are seen as foreign films. Those from the Czech Republic is not much. The most famous Czech film is, according to director of the Chinese State Bureau of Radio, Film and Television Hongsena Zhang, The Good Soldier Svejk. Efforts show's most populous country in the world more of the qualities of the Czech film, however, are. Perhaps next year would be held in Beijing similar presentation of Czech films.


Author: Spurná, Radka

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