Counterfeiters leaving certificates still at large Added:30.9. 2003
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Counterfeiters leaving certificates still at large

In Pardubice was possible for eight thousand crowns to buy a fake high school diploma. Fraudsters who sold fake high school diploma, despite being arrested by police in the act, apparently not punished. The cops is not sure if he committed a crime.

In Pardubice was possible for eight thousand crowns to buy a fake high school diploma. Fraudsters who sold fake high school diploma, are not likely to be punished, though the police arrested in the act. The cops is not sure if he committed a crime.

Nineteen students from Pardubice and his accomplice jednadvacetiletý were accused of the crime of counterfeiting public documents. Despite the fact that the graduation certificate was provided with a round stamp with the national emblem, the police theorized that apparently did nothing illegal because they were selling only blank forms stamped with non-existent school. „Anything else would be if the certificate already filled out and someone got it, used it as true, and thus obtain the benefit,“ explains Joseph Sentivan, deputy head of the Police Department Pardubice 3, which is in charge of the case. It is further stated that there are no grounds for detention: the Criminal Code is not clear whether a blank form a public document.

The young men who admitted that they sold twelve certificates, each for eight thousand, according to police are not the organizers of fraud. Pardubice police are waiting for expertise in the legal department. „The manufacturer of counterfeit and probably brain forger is twenty-three man in Pardubice, after which we have already announced the investigation,“ says Sentiván.

Police still do not even know whether youngsters falsified certificates and forms used or whether the form of state printer. Forms were sent to graphological expertise.

According to Peter Dolejsi graphic form is not necessary to steal. Credible-looking certificate can be relatively simple to produce. „It's a question one day,“ he says. „Neither round stamp is not a problem – it can be scanned and edit or you are simply constructed, if you have knowledge.“

Forms for the GED provides for secondary schools from all over the country the state publishing house SEVT forms. They sent a written request with the school seal and delivered to her address. „Always check whether the school is on the list of the Ministry of Education,“ says director SEVT Jaroslav Cizek. „All certificates are numbered, according to the series can be traced, from which the school lost documents.“

"In schools already are strict records of each form delivered the certificate. If it goes wrong in filling teacher, depreciated each form separately, "said President of the Union Association of School Joseph Filouš.

Most companies can not verify the authenticity of the certificates for their employees. Required proof of highest level of education, the authenticity of the watermark is not study. In addition, employers are often satisfied with oxeroxovanou copies.



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