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Special - Interview at the entrance VI. Added:12.6. 2006
Updated:20.3. 2011
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Special - Interview at the entrance VI.

Desatero úspěšného uchazeče

In this special interview at the entrance you have over the past few weeks have made preparation for the oral round of admission. We would like to wish you much success and still connecting to the conclusion a brief summary of what you have in our series were removed.

1st First impression – is during the first few seconds, he positively influence the need to smile (Article III)

2nd Body language – make up 80% of nonverbal communication, and therefore we should guard it (Article III)

3rd Clothing – rather sober elegance, but also comfortable (Article I)

4th Handshake – makes clear the intended degree of dominance, we should not underestimate it (Article III)

5th Required little things – some things you just have to have, see the list in Article II.

6th Stagefright – there are techniques, such as to relieve it, and more about them you dočtetli in Article V.

7th Preparation of questions – many questions investigators can estimate, underestimate the preparation for them (types of questions you hinted Article IV)

8th Basic errors – gum, cigarette, too short skirts. Individual parts highlighted what to look for.

9th Session – how to sit down, you did not look like packing? It told you Article III.

10th List of literature – an unpleasant duty, or last resort in an ambush? (More detail, we had spent in the work of II)

So, Good luck!

Note: Article was 20 3rd 2011 to date. (KAV)

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