UP Faculty of Science announced a second round of the entrance Added:13.6. 2006
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UP Faculty of Science announced a second round of the entrance

Those interested in studying physics, chemistry, mathematics, or even have a chance to study in the next academic year at the Faculty of UP. The university announced a second round of entrance examinations, because the aforementioned programs enrolled fewer candidates. Application for study, candidates may send up to 15 August.

Among bachelor's degree programs teaching (dvouborové) and neučitelské, which is still possible to report include physics, chemistry, geology and mathematics. All other branches opened UP Faculty of Science, including the newly accredited, faculty application form accepted. University spokesman Radek Palaščáka is the number of registered candidates several times higher than the possible number of students. Such fields include the traditional biology or geography.

The fields, which were listed second round of the entrance is opposite. „With this trend, however, only nepotýká Olomouc University, but also educational institutions throughout Europe and North America,“ said Palaščák.

"They mainly concern the difficulty of studying these disciplines, but also a small popularity of mathematics, physics or chemistry among secondary school pupils. Currently, workers are therefore at the Faculty of international investigators UP grant, which aims to tackle this lack of interest and in teaching in secondary schools to bring more interesting methods, "said Dean of the Faculty UP for educational, social and educational issues, Josef Molnar.

Come and see that the study mentioned objects need not be boring, can not only Olomoučané 23rd June at the Upper Square, where the Science Fair held for the sixth time in chemistry, physics and mathematics, which last year attracted over 8000 people from all over Moravia.

More information about the fields at the school who announced a second admission procedure, please go to „www.upol.cz“: http://www.upol.cz.

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