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Skok při němž se zastaví srdce aneb Jak je to s bungee jumpingem

„Heart pounding incredibly fast, every muscle in the body is stretched, one knows exactly what to expect,“ this is what you describe your feelings, you at least once stood on the edge of the bridge crane or a rope tied tightly and the command „jump“ jump down .

„Heart pounding incredibly fast, every muscle in the body is stretched, one knows exactly what to expect,“ this is what you describe your feelings, you at least once stood on the edge of the bridge crane or a rope tied tightly and the command „jump“ jump down . Looking at the explanatory dictionary for the term „bungee jumping“, we find that it is a jump from a height, which is a flexible jumper cable tethered at the center of gravity of the body catapulted back up and eventually will still hang. It is one of the most extreme sports. Some of it says that it is risky and those who decide to jump, regarded as crazy, others say it is perfectly safe with him and you will experience unforgettable experience.

At the beginning of this now so popular the sport is legendary. A woman from an aboriginal tribe on the island of Pentecost in the archipelago of Vanuatu in Melanesia decided to escape from the evil husband. She climbed a high tree, tied a vine to her ankles and jumped down. The man followed her, but as it was tied to the vine, jump survived. At this point the legend diverges into two versions. One says that the men jumped on the vines tied to express admiration for the courage of this woman, others said they wanted to insure that no other has been fooled. Anyhow time the habit has become a ritual. In 1950 he first described the Western world by National Geographic expedition. Twenty years later, Kal Muller, another reporter for National Geographic, the first foreigner tried a jump, which hardens the blood pumping.

The first leap in England held a dangerous sports club at Oxford University. At that time, however, this singularity is not legal, and so both initiators David Kirke, Chris Baker was fined £ 10. The history of bungee jumping in the U.S. began jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. In France, the New Zealander AJ Hackett jumped straight from the Eiffel Tower. Neither this jump was not legal, so Hackett avoid the arrest.

Today the situation is completely different. Bungee jumping is not only legal, but also one of the most popular extreme sports. The highest point ever in the world where the Springs, with its 216 m Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. The Czech Republic is the highest bridge on which to operate such as bungee jumping, Loket bridge over the river valley Guesthouse. Its height is 55 meters. Another place where one can jump 45 meters high bridge Zvikovsky. It is possible to jump from a crane. The jump can take several forms. The most common way is with the discretion of the legs. The second type is a jump with a harness attached at the chest. In both cases, one can choose whether to jump forwards or backwards. Another option is to jump into the so-called swing. This is not a typical jumpingový bungee jump. The rope is attached to the base at the jump, but a bit of a party. Then the man does not fall straight down, but describes part of a circle. Experience an unforgettable experience not man himself. Use can be a tandem jump.

And what about security? „A much greater risk that something will happen is when you go to be on the bike,“ said operators of bungee jumping. Perhaps some truth will be. For many years it takes for us bungee runs, he died „only“ one man. The wine was then an instructor who poorly demarcated line. The company, which ensured a jump, a disqualification. „As for injuries, we had only minor abrasions, serious injury has never happened to us,“ says George Stolín who jumps runs already thirteen years old. "Security is one of the cornerstones of our society. The progress of activities, provide trained and experienced instructors who are in the areas of technical competence, "said KI Bungee site.

If you like heights and bungee you want to try, just save up a bit. The Loket bridge to jump after the order for seven hundred crowns, there are five swing set. However, if you suddenly decide you will have to pay more. The jump will then come to a thousand crowns, as well as swing. The bridge Zvíkovské pulling from his wallet and seven hundred. But if you pay a hundred more, organizers promise a real ride, when you touch the water jump. It then … JUMP!


Author: Spurná, Radka

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