University collaborates with Czech Radio Added:27.11. 2006
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University collaborates with Czech Radio

Charles University of Czech Radio has concluded a cooperation agreement. The Radio waves 6 to broadcast programs developed by the University itself.

Charles University has filmed and broadcast on Czech Radio topics Eight Sins of State Administration (Faculty of Social Sciences) and Theatre and Society (Arts), is preparing to broadcast Topics Gender and Multicultural Society and others.

One of the first projects was based on the Declaration on cooperation between Charles University and Czech Radio at the end of 2004, is a series of panel discussions, academic experts, ranked sixth in the program FAQ An interesting and topical issues, the university is preparing for these discussions, represent a wealth of disciplines and professional potenicál across all its faculties. In broadcasting Radio 6 has a regular place on the third Tuesday of each month at 20:10 am in the wider cycle People pen.

From April to the end and the last. was broadcast by Topics: Principles euroskepse (draft Charles University Institute of Psychology), Medical Ethics (3rd draft LF), Social Cohesion (draft CESES – FSV) and Media Education (Faculty of Education proposal).

If you wish to listen to programs, find them on the website of the Czech Radio.

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