Masaryk University this year, receives about 15 000 students Added:3.2. 2007
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Masaryk University this year, receives about 15 000 students

The more than 750 branches in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, this report may be candidates for study at Masaryk University. In the coming academic year 2007/2008 the university is ready to start study of newly enroll approximately 15,000 students. „This is about the same as last year,“ said university spokeswoman Teresa Fojtová.

Masaryk University has for the coming academic year, new courses at several colleges. "Science will open a new Bachelor study analytical chemist. New to the philosophical faculty of the opportunity to study English, French and Spanish language not only attendance but also the combined form of which was considerable interest in the past, "said Fojtová.

Modernized organizations studio boasts a faculty of computer science. While in the previous year, offering three types of undergraduate degree programs with a total of four branches this year, candidates have a choice now from 11 fields. „Among the attractions will surely be artificial intelligence and natural language processing and computer graphics and image processing,“ said the spokesman of the university.

Faculty of Education offers a new degree program in Education Specialization in the undergraduate courses: Foreign Language Teacher – English in combined form and the French language in full form. The master's program added teaching English and Language School in combined form.

In 2006, workers received 54,315 applications the university for the study of 36 316 candidates.

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