Economics can be studied even in the Czech Budejovice Added:4.2. 2007
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Economics can be studied even in the Czech Budejovice

Six faculties of University of South Bohemia Czech Budejovice added seventh, Faculty of Economics. At the proposal of the Rector of the University Professor. Vaclav Buzek and after approval by the Accreditation Commission decided on the establishment of the Academic Senate University of South Bohemia.

The new faculty will pass the economic department of the existing agricultural faculty and some of the new department will be created. "The structure of the Faculty of Economics pass bachelor's, master's and doctoral program that is economically focused. We assume that the new faculty will also have other significant development potential that will lead not only to structural funds and policy of the European Union, but should also reflect more clearly the needs of a broader region that will live mainly from tourism, "said University Rector Vaclav god .

„I would be very happy if in the future, the Faculty also consider programs that would apply to hotels, gastronomy, and the like. We expect that in the field of lifelong learning will also be directed and Economics Faculty of Education officials, after which there is demand – for example in public administration, "said Rector. "The new faculty will go about 1 200 students, then faculty will be medium sized, which I think is the optimum size,“ said Vaclav Buzek.

Faculty of Economics, which officially began operating on 1 January 2007 accepting submissions of applicants up to 15 March.

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