University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will Added:7.2. 2007
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University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will

From next academic year will be added and Science University of South Bohemia. Created the current transformation of biological faculty that will no longer work.

Make new faculty interested in undergraduate study five, seven and eight doctoral master's courses. In addition, the new faculty can educate the future teachers of secondary schools in science programs, which were not part of the faculty.

The creation of the Faculty of Science would be well to end the internal transformation of the university, in which the pre-launch operations, and Philosophy of Science 1 January 2007 and operates a new Faculty of Economics, which has become separated from the agricultural faculty.

The deadline to submit applications for new and existing branches of the University of South Bohemia is 15 March.

Author: Trčková, Hana

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