Prostejov the university town Added:9.2. 2007
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Prostejov the university town

Olomouc Region is another university town – Prostejov. There currently is from the new academic year opened department of the Faculty of Technical University in Brno.

Students who will apply for four-year Bachelor's program of civil engineering, the application can choose whether they want to study in Brno or in Prostejov. After its completion it will be possible to continue studying engineering in Brno. Another branch, who will open, the three-year study engineering.

Minimum number of students for the faculty teaching in Prostejov opens the fifty-five. But already has almost three times more candidates. The university has therefore planned to open in Prostejov daily and distance learning. "Faculty guarantees the same quality of teaching, which offers in Brno. After teaching in Prostejov will commute the same lecturer and instructor, who teaches in Brno. Only use professional labs, students will have to commute several times a semester at the home school, "said project initiator and former councilor Prostějov Thomas Blumenstein.

Sources: MF Dnes,

Author: Trčková, Hana

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