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College Students Vytopil for marijuana Added:9.2. 2007
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College Students Vytopil for marijuana

The halls of residence can grow things from the cacti mold in the refrigerator. Or marijuana.

The halls of residence can grow things from the cacti mold in the refrigerator. Or marijuana.

That, however, did not pay two students at the dormitory at Masaryk University in Brno. Ten of cannabis plants with a height of nearly one meter to fit into an improvised greenhouse, which these young men have created a considerable cost in the closet. Grow house was located in the bathroom on campus.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1716/whi­tewidow-logo.jpg * *]

„These were two foreign students of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, who lived in dormitories Wine (see photos),“ said director of Accommodation and Catering Services Zdenek Cizek. Grow house at first functioned without problems, the automatic switch controlled irrigation, lighting and ventilation. It was the failure of irrigation system, however, brought students to the proper trouble. Due to their greenhouses had been flooding the track. The search for the source of trouble and then betrayed their original hobby.

"Both young men were immediately expelled from the dormitory to dormitory gross violation of procedure. Damage amounting to CZK 17 000, resulting primarily on soaking the neighboring rooms, the culprits immediately pay the University, "said Cizek. According to police, was a high-quality plants that have brought young men from Austria. Harvest would surely bring them a decent wage. Now they instead face up to five years in prison.

„This is really an isolated case, although the issue of marijuana is not unknown university environment,“ said Cizek. Furthermore, he admitted that the leadership of the Administration asked the colleges for precautionary reasons, a cleaning company on track for „increased attention to the abnormal behavior of students accommodated.“

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