Valentine gift for students Added:13.2. 2007
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Valentine gift for students

GTS International has prepared a really cute gift for your customers. With the slogan: Roses are dead … Now flying experience, this week offers tickets and tickets by price, which is actually the lowest prices settle around two roses.

In the days since 12 – To 14 2nd so you can buy a return ticket for bus travel to Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna and many other European cities, and a very unusual 90, – CZK (valid for the owners of ISIC, ALIVE, ITIC …). The paths must then be returned by the end of March this year.

At the same time interval (for a bus trip), you can also buy a weekend in Paris and Barcelona for half the standard price. In Paris it is possible to travel as early as 1200, – CZK per person, then the air in 4600, – CZK. Also, air trip to Barcelona can be captured as early as 3400, – CZK. Book tickets for the discounted price is open until Saturday, the 17th 2nd

GTS International in its Valentine gift also prepared the „skiing in Italy, 2 for 1“ or "2 weeks language course for the price of 1. Another attraction would be a phone with a credit card is CZK 500 for free with every purchase.

Schedule of courses offered, as well as offers for skiing and complete information about Valentine's Day discounts can be found at the address below.


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