Scholarship from E. ON Added:15.2. 2007
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Scholarship from E. ON

Energy company E. ON has prepared a scholarship program for university students in technical fields. Specifically, the fields corresponding to the scope of E. ON – electrical engineering, power engineering, etc.

Students who pass the selection, the E. ON offered a scholarship agreement, under which the student undertakes during their studies each year to participate in 4-week internship working in E. ON and after graduation in E. ON for at least 2 years work ( it is a junior or trainee positions). Scholarship amounts to 2.000, – CZK per month.

Opportunity to sign up for a scholarship, students in relevant fields who study in the 3rd and senior years of full-time master's study. Are envisaged excellent academic performance, interest in that area of ​​business the company also required a good knowledge of foreign languages.

The application is a CV and cover letter – both in Czech and English or German. It is necessary to provide confirmation of the study and evaluation of the average university teacher. All forms and detailed information can be found on the website of E. ON Czech Republic (see link below).

The last date of submission of applications: for students of 3rd 30th grade March 2007, for students 4th years of the 31st March 2007.


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