State support for Roma students Added:23.2. 2007
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State support for Roma students

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports announced a grant program „Support for Roma pupils in secondary schools“ for the first half of 2007. The funds of this program are legal entities to support Roma education.

The program will include only pupils and students who have regular school attendance and no disciplinary problems. The funds are intended to cover the costs of pupils or students in private secondary education at schools and conservatories, and in higher vocational schools, school meals, accommodation, travel, school supplies and protective equipment.

The aim of state subsidies for the Roma in secondary schools is to increase the level of education among this minority. It is higher education can be a tool to facilitate in the labor market and their integration easier. The project has taken administratively by the Ministry of the Czech Government Council for Roma Community Affairs.

Source: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (

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