Public lectures at the Prague Academy Added:5.3. 2007
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Public lectures at the Prague Academy

Every second Wednesday of the month, visitors can hear from the public lecture by one of the leading scientists of the Charles University and Academy of Sciences. This marks the fourth year joint project between the two institutions, called the Prague Academy.

This is a series of popular science lectures, which represent a wide audience through the interesting findings of the leading experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines. While in January, for example, those interested could learn about the principles of healthy nutrition and the immune system, in March the organizers have prepared a presentation of the study brain. In May, Oldrich Kaspar will again speak on the influence of Roman history and culture in the Czech lands.

Admission is free and is limited only by the capacity of the hall. Always made in 17 to 19 hours in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


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