Charles University Faculty of Arts will take further application Added:4.3. 2007
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Charles University Faculty of Arts will take further application

High School this year to adopt the application form by 28 February. But those who opened new disciplines or subjects did not meet existing admissions will announce later. One such school is the Charles University in Prague. At the prestigious Faculty of Arts Applicants may send their applications to some subjects up to 15 May.

** French Philology and Hispanic ** Faculty of Arts of Charles University accepts applications at branches of philology and French and Hispanic Studies 15 May. Both fields of study are offered as an undergraduate. Candidates can apply to them-time or in combination with a second branch. The entrance examination will be oral. Faculty of Arts at the French philology going to take 20 to 25 new Hispanic students.

** Master of Psychology ** Same departure date for applications as Hispanic and French Philology Faculty of Arts set for master's degree in psychology. Eighty newly admitted students will be able to study his attendance or combined.

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