Survival Odds Added:5.3. 2007
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Survival Odds

Just Wednesday, the 7th in the March of this year may submit an application to the survival course, or "Courses Special training for emergencies. The course is designed for workers in the media and humanitarian organizations, as well as students who are preparing for similar professions. Age limit is 18 years.

As the name suggests, the course, its main focus is to familiarize the trainees with the movement in critical areas, and resistance to crisis situations. Course participants expect extreme mental and physical stress, teaching basic techniques of self-defense, an attempt to survive in an unfamiliar environment, course content as well as basic first aid and much more. For detailed information, visit the following website.

Ten-day course participants will be selected on the basis of the interview in mid-March, the course itself will take place from 15 to 24 April 2007 in the field conditions of the Military Training Area in Vyškov heir. The price is approximately 2.800, – CZK.

For those of you who will not make it this year already known, but would like to have your strength through this course also verified there is important information that is repeated every year survival courses. Therefore, you can already begin to mentally prepare …


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