The combination of medicine and science at the Technical University Added:9.3. 2007
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The combination of medicine and science at the Technical University

Students who would like linked in future interest in computer science and medicine, will offer starting next school year, the Technical University in Brno in cooperation with the Masaryk University, new undergraduate degree program. Until the end of April it is possible to submit your application to the program called Biomedical engineering and bioinformatics.

Those interested in learning log into Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT, with which he will participate in the teaching Faculty of Medicine MU. Chance to succeed has approximately 120 students, with applications filed is expected to double. The industry can continue to follow up a master's degree programs.

The written entrance exam will be tested knowledge of mathematics and biology. After completing his studies, graduates are prepared for diagnostic and analytical work in data processing in hospital environments, but the application can be found in the developing medical systems.

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