Czech header 2007 Added:15.3. 2007
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Czech header 2007

Caneton company that implements including the Czech Head project, announced a new contest called Czech header 2007th The project will compete with high school students and under 15 years of interesting financial rewards.

Grand Prize, called Mercury of 50 000 CZK will be working in the field of technical or natural sciences. Second prize, called Futura (CZK 25,000) will be for the best job in the technology and innovation. Third prize Ingenium (CZK 25,000) is awaiting input from the field of informatics and communications. Genus Awards (CZK 25,000) where the work on health and the environment. Fifth Abraxan price of 15,000 CZK is designed to work on technical or scientific fields author under 15 years.

The implementation of the project involved the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, University, Association for talented young people from Brno and the Association for Youth, Science and Technology. You can sign up to 30 6th 2007th

Application form and useful information can be found at „www.ceskahla­“: Http://www.ces­

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