Compared to last year's 12% more college students Added:16.3. 2007
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Compared to last year's 12% more college students

The total number of students admitted to universities compared to the year 2005/06 increased by 11.4% and 12.2% enrolled. Interest in higher vocational schools is decreasing. This follows from the data collection in autumn 2006, the results of the recently released Institute for Information in Education.

HIGH SCHOOLS To study at college in 2006 reported a total of 137.8 thousand. candidates who have combined 303.3 thousand. applications. Each candidate gave an average of 2.2 applications. The entrance examination was attended by only 92.2% of applicants. Private colleges have adopted a total of 10.4 thousand. candidates, of which 9.8 thousand. to study enrollment. Candidates with the most votes to the study of economic, social sciences and humanities, technical and educational fields.

HIGHER VOCATIONAL SCHOOL At the higher professional schools in 2006 to study the reported total of 17.2 thousand. candidates who have 22.6 thousand. applications. Adopted a total of 12.6 thousand. candidates to study the actual enrollment of 10.9 thousand. of them. Each candidate gave on average 1.3 applications. Applicants are most often reported on the economic, educational and medical fields. Since 2003/04 the number of applications for higher vocational schools decreases.

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