We know the winner of the Golden Amos Added:24.3. 2007
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We know the winner of the Golden Amos

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The winner of the fourteenth annual survey of the Golden Amos became Ivan Sedlak of Prague. The chemistry teacher in high school chemical Masaryk was also elected as „Amos likable“ in an Internet poll, where he received an SMS a total of 4061 votes. The award was received at the hands of the Minister of Education Dana Kuchtova. Ivan Sedlak is also the oldest contestant in the history – it is equal eighty years.

Children were most appreciative spectators teacher Peter Barošovou Zubri of school, which has become a Children's Amos 2007th Among the finalists are also found Haniš Jan Svoboda nad Upou, Doubravka Matulová from elementary school youth, Roman Walk from Tabor and Renee Spratková School of pastures.

Poll about favorite teachers and the Czech Republic has organized nongovernmental civic associations Domino Club, Children's Press Agency. The aim is to popularize the teachers, who according to assessment of children, pupils and students contribute significantly to the formation of quality relationships between pupils and teachers.

Source: www.zlatyamos.cz

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