Free to University in Great Britain Added:28.3. 2007
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Free to University in Great Britain

Alfa Agency Agency held before Easter in Prague, Brno and Bratislava talks about the possibilities of studying at university in Great Britain.

Part of the lectures is the opportunity to enroll directly at a particular university, and Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Wolverhampton. Detailed information about these schools can be found on the website of Alpha Agency, see the link below.

It is interesting that the British university students usually do not require a university entrance exam. Although the situation may vary from school to school, but most applicants are admitted according to their benefit in high school. The application includes a certificate of graduation test and exam „IELTS“:

Universities in the British Isles as a data Alfa Agency study accounted for more than 3 000 GBP. But as the candidate learns in lectures, this amount can be resolved during your studies in the form of affordable loans.

Lectures will take place always at the offices of Alpha Agency in the towns, and in Brno (Namesti Svobody 12) 2 4th from 17:00 in Bratislava 3rd 4th (SNP Square 13) also from 17:00. The last lecture is scheduled in Prague (The Hospital Gate 4) on Wednesday, the 4th 4th at 17:00.

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