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Diplomat firsthand Added:2.4. 2007
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Diplomat firsthand

Vyzkoušejte si atmosféru diplomatických jednání už na střední!

You're a high school student? Are you interested in domestic and international events? CONTROL active English language? Prague Student Summit then offers you a unique opportunity.

At a current student Prague summit, can students of secondary schools and universities to test hearing in the roles of representatives of various countries around the world in one of three models of international organizations: UN, NATO and the EU.

** What is it? ** Prague Student Summit is the culmination of three projects simulating meeting the above organizations. For example, the NATO model mimics the actual conduct of the highest authority of NATO, the North Atlantic Council. Czech high school students here in the roles of representatives of Member States are trying to find solutions to international issues and act in accordance with the position of the country they represent. All meetings and competitions take place entirely in English.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1774/mo­delNato.jpg]

** Why try? ** In addition to increasing knowledge about the functioning of the organization to help improve their communication skills. "During the formal hearing you follow the rules. For example, if you intend to give your opinion, you must pre-register to speak. Just as important as diplomatic negotiations, is the proper presentation of ideas, "vysvětuje Jaroslav her hand from the student council (second from right in photo), who participated in the model.

** How to participate ** After registering on the official website of the Prague Student Summit awaits tender. The first round is focusing purely on the knowledge of NATO structures, in the second round of the selected candidates shall draw up an essay on an assigned topic. 22 selected lucky this year, then waited for a series of three preparatory workshops at the University of Economics in Prague. There is more closely acquainted with security issues NATO. This year the focus is on terrorism and NATO operations. Workshops attended by prominent political scene, which seeks to students as possible to bring the issue of international politics. „The position of the Czech Republic in the NAT us apprised of the former Defence Minister Jiri Sedivy,“ said Jaroslav Ruck, representing Poland.

For more information log on to the next edition will be published in the second half of 2007, the official website of „www.studentsum­“: Http://www.stu­ project organized by the Association for International Affairs under the aegis of Alexander Vondra.

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