Liberec is still accepting applications Added:30.3. 2007
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Liberec is still accepting applications

Technical University of Liberec in the face of ever-increasing demand for graduates in technical fields has increased by one month deadline for submission of admission. Until the end of April and have the opportunity to submit an application to study at the Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies, those who have so far been missed for various reasons.

At the Faculty of Mechatronics is possible to study in the study of bachelor's, master's and doctorate in education. In Electronic and Information Systems and Management Science and Logistics in the bachelor study program at the master are on offer Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mechatronics Engineering and Science. Technical Cybernetics Science and engineering are listed for doctoral studies.

For more information please go to „site of the University.“: Http://tuni.vslib­.cz/

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