Charles University and Masaryk University unite! Added:1.4. 2007
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Charles University and Masaryk University unite!

Unbelievable becomes an act – the two most prestigious Czech university intend to join. Rectors Hampl and Fiala not explicitly did not confirm the report, but both this possibility!

Charles University and Masaryk University are major Central European University, one builds on the name and několikasetleté tradition, the second on modern currents and dynamic development. Between the two in many areas there is a lot of competition, even rivalry. That should change.

One senior source in the UK told us that within a year the two universities will operate under the same umbrella! Draft allegedly came from the Ministry of Education and Rectors of both nodded to him. We managed to get the reaction Professor Fiala, Rector's, „The connection with Charles University is a very bold idea, but would benefit both schools, we better make his name in Europe. By the end of his term, however, to participate in anything similar again. "Note that the MU will be election of a new rector has second April, re-elected should be Fiala. Then it is clear that the connection has not ruled out. Our source adds: "Brno is joining a lot of opponents, so it Fiala before the election trying to conceal.“ Indeed, the first step inconspicuous Fiala already done six months ago, when the name of the Masaryk University in Brno launched „in Brno“.

How to look at it in Prague? Rector Hampl is a little more open, "Yes, we have the proposal on the table. It is a bold, conservative part of our academic community is likely to be against, but we'll discuss it. "That everything should be done within a year, however, denied.

And what is our source? „Everything is agreed, but so far both chancellors are melting, the connection has many opponents, so the government will go the way of law, that the matter could not decide academic senates.“ The new university should be called the National Masaryk University, Charles and mergers will take place mainly at the level faculties. The new university would then be up to five years to equal the prestigious European universities, to which, let's face it, both the University itself did not. The combination still has to sanctify Antitrust Authority.

Pozn.redakce: These Fool's article that was published 1.4.2007.

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