Preparatory courses for university for the hearing impaired Added:2.4. 2007
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Preparatory courses for university for the hearing impaired

Since this year has Ostrava Faculty of hearing a unique opportunity to prepare for study at university. Preparatory course prepared by the University of Ostrava in the European EQUAL project „For a full life.“ Participants will improve for example in computer graphics.

The project focuses primarily on the development and implementation of a system of lifelong education for people with hearing loss, but also the education of persons with handicapped persons come into contact. The aim of the project, according to the course supervisor Zdenka Telnarová reduce the impact of their disability in future studies, particularly in science, mathematics, informatics, technical and economic fields.

Preparatory course consists of four modules – Czech, English, mathematics and computing. Each module includes 28 hours of direct instruction. Solving tasks, students consult with teachers via e-learning course design. This year's experimental year, 16 people participate in free, everything is covered from the EQUAL project. The next years would supposedly be financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.


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