Petr Fiala still rector of Masaryk University Added:4.4. 2007
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Petr Fiala still rector of Masaryk University

Rector of Masaryk University in the next four years, now president Petr Fiala. Today it 43 out of 44 cast votes of senators elected Academic Senate of MU.

„It is a program for independent, strong and confident university, which does not follow short-term fluctuations in political mood,“ Fiala described in a speech before selecting the principles of its program for the new term. Intends to utilize the more structural funds and 7 Framework Programme of the European Union.

The order of the 31st rector of Masaryk University Petr Fiala was in 2004. Before his election he served as Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies and long-term as director of the International Institute of Political Science. The Rector Zlatuška replaced George, who led the university two terms (1998–2004), and therefore no longer apply for re-election could not. Fiala is the author of 12 monographs and published more than 140 scientific studies in the CR and abroad.

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