Business Incubator - the success of the Palacky University Added:6.4. 2007
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Business Incubator - the success of the Palacky University

In 2 The business year of the project was successful except in Pilsen and the University of Palacký University (UP), with its business incubator project.

Jury selection to reflect the above two criteria – the competitiveness and viability of projects. It is in these criteria fell Olomouc incubator best.

The aim of the project Business Incubator is to increase the competitiveness of business in the Olomouc region, support innovation, stimulate demand for science and research results and their commercialization. The practical form it will look like this: created an environment with an area of ​​1603 m2 for business purposes, which will operate at around twenty emerging, highly innovative companies.

In co operation of the Business Incubator participates UP Olomouc. The entire project is a collaboration between UP, Statutory City of Olomouc and CzechInvest.

Business Project of the Year Award is designed for competitive projects of Czech companies in the manufacturing sector and related services that were supported by EU Structural Funds.

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