Biological Chemistry and as a cross-discipline Added:12.4. 2007
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Biological Chemistry and as a cross-discipline

10th April, officially launched the first cross Study University of South Bohemia and the Kepler University in Linz. Bachelor Biological Chemistry offers a broad education in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biophysics, as well as the foundations of mathematics, computer science and physics.

"Making cross-border study programs between universities in Linz, Passau and the Czech Budejovice creates new learning opportunities for national and international importance. It deepens the scientific contacts between the universities. It offers new professional and language skills and practical experience and posluchačkám students regardless of their nationality. Last but not least, many new impulses to social and technological experience of Central European region ", stressed the benefits of the newly created field rector prof. Vaclav Buzek.

Offered study is unique in its emphasis on multidiscipli­narity, complex thinking, cooperation in the international team and communication skills. Language of instruction is English, Czech students are also encouraged to acquire German. Structure study assumes that students will spend the first year in Linz, second in the Czech Budejovice, the third is one of the universities according to the focus of his undergraduate project.

Graduates gain a professional qualification for work in research and development institutions (academic, private and public) or to work in public administration. For the first year the field of Biological Chemistry, which will be launched on 1 October 2007 to consider the adoption of 20–30 students from the Czech Republic and Austria. As summarized by prof. Dr. Norbert Mueller: „Wir suchen die besten.“

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