New study program for professional drivers Added:13.4. 2007
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New study program for professional drivers

Professional truck driver and bus transport. Such a certificate will be able to show students the new field of study, which opened in Krnov. The College of automobile, machinery and business visitors can since September preparing for the career professional drivers. The daily study of 1.5 year to this year received 30 applicants.

The study is designed for graduates who have completed secondary education completed graduation. A condition for acceptance is proof of driving license „B“ for cars, as well as a certificate of medical fitness and filing applications to the study. „Students go through an intensive English language teaching and learning will also be part of IT technology,“ said the director of high school Krnov Zdenek Welna.

Moravian-Silesian Region has set up this new field of study under pressure from road hauliers. Before driving license for truck drivers usually receive in the course of military service. After the abolition of military duty, the number of professional drivers dropped. The association estimates transporters ČESMAD currently in the Czech Republic is missing approximately two thousand professional drivers.

Sources: Economic newspapers

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