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Prove your English skills through FCE Added:17.4. 2007
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Prove your English skills through FCE

Studying English? Control the grammatical structure of language? Their knowledge of the composition completes certificate! The British Council offers a wide range of test levels certifikátních from beginners to experts.

In March, the Czech Republic took place in the Cambridge exams in English, which were designed to verify knowledge of candidates. In this article we bring you useful information about itself during the test.

** What is it? ** Česky Cabmridgské tests for Speakers of Other Languages' (ESOL) ": are recognized around the world in both business and in academia. They have a lifelong effect. Applicants can choose the level of testing the degree of their knowledge. The most common FCE (First Certificate in Cesky) is designed for advanced candidates which are expected duration is 500 hours (5 years).

[* Underground.jpg. (With good English will not get lost even in the complicated London Underground (photo: stock.xchng)>] *** * With good English is not lost in the complicated London Underground (photo: stock.xchng) *

** What does the test involve? ** The certificate consists of five parts: reading comprehension (75 minutes), written speech (90 minutes), use of grammar and vocabulary (75 minutes), Listening (40 minutes), oral (14 minutes).

  • Understanding the text

Based on the passage read by answering 35 questions.

  • Written expression

Writing is divided into two parts, the first candidates have the task of drawing up the text according to the instructions in the other you can choose one of four topics. The final assessment is counted correct grammar and style as well as the overall level of the text. Equally important is compliance with good form (letter, reasoning, report ,…).

  • The use of grammar and vocabulary

This section focuses on adding missing words, the transformation of speech, text repair faulty or incorrect use of selected grammatical phenomena.

  • Listening

Candidates are played without interruption 40-minute recording, consisting of four parts. They are mostly interviews and commentary. Based on the information obtained by answering 30 questions of control. "This part I consider the most complicated. Interviews are usually covered all the answers offered. Sometimes I then came two variants, among which I had to decide, "said Klara Nejedlíková student from Opava, who participated in the tests.

  • Oral

In the first interview, answering basic information about yourself. (It is not excluded that it will questions like: Where are you from? What did you do last week?) You will then receive two images, you have one minute to describe and compare the form of monologue. In the third part you will receive pictures again, but which you will discuss with another candidate.

** Interesting ** "The tests we have written in the great hall, along with another 40 candidates. Only the listening section, the number of participants reduced by half, at speaking then reduced to two people. Before we test all things in the room set aside for that purpose. With them, we were allowed to take only non-carbonated water in a carefully sealed plastic container and a pen. During the test, moreover, could not be based on classroom unaccompanied by a teacher, "says Klara Nejedlíková.

** Results? ** Success is evaluated stage AD. To pass the FCE must be at least grade C, which means 60% of the total number of points.

** How do I apply? ** You missed the March deadline? Never mind. FCE, held in the Czech Republic „British Council“:…republic.htm, are held three times a year, so you can either log on to the next term in July or December. Candidates may complete it in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. Price testing is 4300Kč.

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