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Nedbalová Lucy: "No weight loss took place." Added:22.4. 2007
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Nedbalová Lucy: "No weight loss took place."

Rozhovor s 1. vicemiss Academia

How to prepare for the competition? Who is she signed to her? Why it will not be reported to the Czech Miss?

Nedbalová Lucy was born in 1986 and lives in Prostejov. Recently stopped studying English at the Faculty of Arts, remotely studying media studies at the Faculty of Social Studies. She won the competition in 2001, and Miss In 2005th She was also in the Miss Summer 2005 (which ended in 4th) and Miss Brno 2006. He has two final exams in English, and learned Spanish. It is very active: dance performances, fashion shows, photo shoots, as well as sports, cinema, traveling and cooking are a normal part of her life. Currently you can see in a TV commercial. Recently became the first runner of the Miss Academia, and it is also about our conversation.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1797/Lu­cie1miss academia_resfi­nal.jpg]

** Why are you in the competition? ** I entered my mother about had a feeling that I should try. I am quite opposed, even to her I was upset a while, but now I'm obviously happy.

** In 2005, you have advanced to the semifinals of the Czech Miss. Are you going to try it again? ** Maybe I'm not the type to throw him twice and he comes to the door window and the third succeeds. If it's good or bad, I do not know. My parents and my boyfriend are planning to apply for the Miss CR Mr. Zapletal, so we'll see …

** You somehow was preparing for Miss Academia? ** Not particularly. I think that a few days before the finale, I just could do nothing. I am what I am and it did not change. If you mean a weight loss or body shaping, so it has been held.

** As a talent you had a disco dance. Are paying him well professionally? ** I dance competitively for 12 years, I gave it enough time in my life and energy. I returned in the form of success in international competitions. I dance in TS Thin Prostejov, with which I managed to get some championship Republic, Europe, World Cup winner and runner-up World. I met many people and visit interesting places such as Oslo and Belgrade.

** How about you Miss Academia impressed? ** I especially admire the students of Media Studies, University of Tomas Bata, who prepared the whole event all by yourself. The atmosphere was tense at all, while I came very friendly. I felt no rivalry, perhaps just a general nervousness, and until final night. We all wish that the action succeeded, and I think it came out.

** Can you succeed in this competition in the future to bring any benefits? ** I do not think so. Perhaps only that I would go for free to the sea and after the long jump with a parachute time. Now seriously. I almost did not tell anyone that I go to a competition, so the friends found out about it through the newspapers. I do not need this attention to themselves. While my success of my very happy and I am very happy.

** Compared to conventional beauty contests said Miss Academia puts greater emphasis on the fact that the winner was not only beautiful but also smart. How could the jury consider? ** In the semifinal round, we had an interview and in addition to malls dressed in swimsuits and pass a test similar to test assumptions of study, which accounted for 60% of the total evaluation. In our final interview with Thomas refused to forward anything Krejčíř rehearse, so I think our readiness, wit and intellect examined thoroughly.

** Would you like something to say to girls who participate in the Miss Academia thinking? ** I sent word to them to discard fear and inhibitions and go for it. They will gain valuable experience and know new people. This competition is really high and I highly recommend her to attend. You can only gain.

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