Spring School awkwardness Added:24.4. 2007
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Spring School awkwardness

„Experience the action for those who would like to embarrass, but does not know how, where and against whom,“ as characterized by an event called Spring School trpnosti the organizers of the Association of useful life.

It is „an intensive course where you learn to comb my hair without a mirror, regarded záprdek a useful thing, and maybe release a piece of his otherness and creativity.“ They say you learn to step out of own center, regardless of what others think about it. You can look forward to the „joint research, whether the world really need to see and meet him in a way that is submitted to us and that is expected of us.“

The event will take place 4th 5th 2007 – 8 5th 2007 in Bedřichov (at Kunštát) and is open to people aged 18 years, disability is no obstacle. The fee for students is CZK 950, or you can ask for assistance.

Association of useful life trying to promote joint leisure among people with disabilities and without.

Contact: skolatrapnosti@uzitecny-zivot.cz, tel 605 272 497 (Barco)

More information: „www.uzitecny-zivot.cz.“: Http://www.uzitecny-zivot.cz/?text=10-jarni-skola-trapnosti

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