The deadline for applications for the University of South Bohemia moved Added:26.4. 2007
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The deadline for applications for the University of South Bohemia moved

Faculty of Arts University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice informs those interested in studying the humanities that have been accredited by a new two-subject Bachelor combination. Philology Study program was expanded to include branches and Romanic Philology Bohemistika for two-subject study.

Along with the call for new graduates has been published and a new deadline for submitting applications to the study. Up to 15 May 2007 the applicants have to submit your application at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia.

Apply it two ways. Faculty still receives the paper application, but much more convenient to fill out the application form electronically. Instructions for filling, as well as the form to download, see the „pages of the faculty.“: Http://www.ff­

Entrance exams are scheduled for the week from 11 15 June, while the fields vary according to their similarity. The site of the faculty is the written or oral versions described in detail.

After graduating dvouoborového bachelor's degree, students may choose to continue in a narrow specialization of the sciences through the master's program. In the future, in a follow-up program allows for the expansion of specialized teachers for secondary schools.

** Possible combinations: **

History – bohemistika History – French History – Spanish Language bohemistika – French Language bohemistika – Italian language French Language – Italian Language French – Spanish

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