High School Abroad Added:27.4. 2007
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High School Abroad

Studying high school and you feel you can do much more? To try a different school system and know the culture of another country, new friends? Then you have the unique opportunity to enroll in the program High School in the USA. Student Agency, that these study visits at high schools abroad, organizes and offers the latest vacancies.

If you are between 15 and 18.5 years, at least three years studying English, have good study results and above all a new experience to stand, then do not hesitate to 5 May 2007 application to give an annual study in high school in the U.S..

The program guarantees a homestay, studying the state high school training in New York, and quality health insurance in the price of the program. The last item relates an interesting offer financing options through the convenience of the loan.

For further information and contact addresses and telephone numbers visit the student agency.

Other agencies that specialize in brokering study abroad, you can contact the world's leading international student exchange organization AFS, as the company YFU (Youth for Understanding, Youth For Understanding) or Rottary Club. At this moment, however, deadlines for submission of applications these companies more or less gone. But since the autumn will be registered into the program the following school year.

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