End double the entrance Added:28.4. 2007
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End double the entrance

Education Minister Dana Kuchtova promised to promote the abolition of double entrance exams to grammar schools, and that's with effect from next year.

The current Education Act of 2004 instructs the multi gymnázia students to test their knowledge before moving on to high school grade level. While the six-year high school this year „dual receivers“ tried, he had multi-two more years to wait. The aim of this measure should be greater access to elite schools.

Amendments to the Law Minister, in the words could be proposed as early as May. It is supported by the ODS, the CSSD and the NW. Schools would only welcomed, it would save them a number of organizational complications. Often the extra second entrance examinations deemed unnecessary. "Everyone has the ability to log on to Grammar School, and thus gain an advantage nepodstupovat admissions to secondary schools. When I once showed my skills, I see no reason why I had to prove it again, "he shared with us his opinion of James the secondary school in Opava.

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