Charles University opens a new branch later Added:4.5. 2007
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Charles University opens a new branch later

Applicants may choose sociology of sociology and social anthropology, the newly established Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. This is a three-year bachelor degree, which combines theoretical knowledge (history of sociology, sociological trends) and practical (the methodology of sociological research methods of data processing and analysis, practical knowledge of statistics and mathematics), sociology and research techniques of anthropology, which aims to understand the companies examined and culture.

Entrance exams are one round, they consist of three written tests: a test of mathematical and logical thinking, a test of general knowledge and cultural insight and language test. Applications must be sent by 15 6th 2007th

Graduates can work in areas such as advice, opinion polls, market research, non-profit sector, both in the Central European environment and the environment overseas cultures and societies.

More information is available „here.“: Http://iss.fsv­­ge/user/93_so­ciologie_antro­pologie.pdf

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