Change in financial grants for Erasmus Added:7.5. 2007
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Change in financial grants for Erasmus

From next academic year as the mechanism for allocating financial support to outgoing students abroad through Erasmus. Newly get students of all Czech universities regardless of the same post at the school you are studying. At the same time to increase contributions for jednotlivýh countries. We bring you up to date list of approved posts for the next academic year.

** Lump sum grants for 1 month stay abroad € ** Belgium 364 Bulgaria 206 Czech Republic 330 Denmark 495 Estonia 292 Finland 428 France 433 Ireland 445 Iceland 507 Italy 407 Cyprus 335 Liechtenstein 456 Lithuania 281 Latvia 277 Luxembourg 364 Hungary 328 Malta 326 Germany 365 Netherlands 399 Norway 511 Poland 296 Portugal 333 Austria 390 Romania 232 Greece 339 Slovenia 302 Slovakia 338 Spain 369 Sweden 409 Turkey 304 Great Britain 523

Post does not cover the full cost of study abroad. For all countries, students must therefore count on their own financial investment.

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