Competition Road to Europe Added:10.5. 2007
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Competition Road to Europe

Visit the European Parliament, EU Council and European Commission. Tour cities such as Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and more. This is just part of your winning you can get anyone to attend knowledge contest about the European Union.

The competition, called the way to Europe will be held from 9 May to 15 June 2007 on the Internet. It can participate Czech citizens, who will complete by 1 October this year 18. Participants will answer 50 questions, which are divided by difficulty within 5 blocks of 10 questions. For each question is correct only one of the offered answers, which is evaluated range from one to five points.

Questions concerning the history of the EU, its policies, the Member or acceding countries and other aspects. Lightest contestant must answer questions based on their knowledge. Answers to questions from the higher categories is to find the portals of the EU. The competition aims to demonstrate not only knowledge but also the ability to search for information and work with them. Thirty most successful contestants get the opportunity to meet major European cities and institutions in which the institution is located.

This year's third year of this contest should be according to organizer Tomas Zatloukal eliminate gaps in knowledge of Czech citizens about the EU. More information and registration form please go to „www.evropskes­“: Http://www.evrop­

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