Summer study in English at college Added:11.5. 2007
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Summer study in English at college

Study graphic design, interactive media and film animation. In addition, the study of management, information technology or public relations. Everything in the English language with the right to terminate the study at some British universities. All offers college.

The college can choose from a complete list of UK higher education programs in one, two or three years. The programs are based on the British national qualification framework and accredited by the British Ministry of Education and educational organizations. Emphasis is placed on the concentration of study and practice. Entry into the study program is based on the test of English language assessment of existing studies and interviews with the study advisor. Users can also enter a preparatory English course to study at an English university.

For those who do not have enough schools for over a year, college offers a summer school, and in length from one weekend to several weeks. Their price has ranged between 6 and 500Kè A wide range of disciplines. Studies on college students pay for their but it is possible to arrange for a student loan. For more information on the „school site.“: Http://www.pra­

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