Translation contest for school students Added:13.5. 2007
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Translation contest for school students

High school students who are interested in foreign languages, the translation contest open to young translators. The winner will go to Brussels, where he will be at the ceremony to represent their school and country.

Schools wishing to participate in the competition, they can subscribe to 15 June. Each school may nominate up to eight of their students and determine from which and to what language the student to translate. Students may select themselves out of the 23 official EU languages. Of all the entries will be allotted by the European Commission participants – each EU country will have as many representatives, how many votes in the Council of the EU for the Czech Republic will thus be able to compete 12 schools. Total to participate in the tournament in 2760 pupils from 345 schools.

All students will undergo the 14th November home school test its translation capabilities. The resulting translations are evaluated by professional translators from the European Commission. Top 27 translators (one from each country) to receive at a ceremony in Brussels award from the Commissioner for Multilingualism Leonard Orban.

The European Commission has launched a contest for the 50th anniversary of the European Union. Its purpose is to give students the opportunity to try a translator working for yourself and try out what the job involves. More information and registration form go to „the European Commission website.“: Http://ec.euro­­tores

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