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Pearls from the Baccalaureate Added:15.5. 2007
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Pearls from the Baccalaureate

Graduation is a big stress, but may occur as series of comic situations. Some of them with you along the former graduates of Flowers article Gebauer.

Graduation is a big stress, but may occur as series of comic situations. Some of them with you along the former graduates of Flowers article Gebauer.

D-Day comes nervously start to dress, when she will face their first betrayal – her dress size has changed since the purchase! Increased, decreased, depending on whether you handle stress, hunger strike, or chocolate.

The door to the room, leaving you stop one of the professors and bumps you drink in your hand. With alcohol. On your question „Why?“ She says, „Kick it to yourself!“ Poor zaprotestujete that the commission did not go drunk. „There has already been here, I say, kick it to me!“ Close your protest professor. And wonder of wonders – it takes it slow. Entering the room that you feel unusually large and where it sits a few people on your kindly smile.

We sit on the wristband, and after a while, a professor comes to check whether you are a bit on the ends. "My classmate was on the math box, and so was the wristbands with a solution of the case done quickly. Professor nervous but she asked him if everything is okay. He moved not a muscle and told her: I want to poo … "Lucy remembered Kavanová.

Designed fifteen minutes and you quickly run away before the committee. There you can attack things that would never come. You can be genuinely amazed that in 1933 it was Adolf Hitler Reich Chancellor, as it happened to me. Czech is the most rewarding chapter. And so, the commission finds that Neruda wrote songs Lesser Town or the famous work of the First World War is called The Good Soldier Ryan. Lucca Kavan again managed to determine the relationship between sentences in sentences like 2:2.

Sometimes you want to dazzle the committee with his knowledge, but do not choose the most suitable tone. "Geography teacher asked me the time zones. Why is an hour more or less in any given zone. And I took a breath and began to explain it as a little child: I have so here is the sun, here it is … The whole commission passed out laughing, "says Lenka Juřenová.

Also, the logical inference at GCSE often forget. In response, the beauty ideal at the time of the mammoth hunters of the mammoth was about too fail. The best speakers, which I heard at graduation, was chatting with my friends graduated from the English language. She pulled the United States of America. The complete satisfaction of all substance odvykládala Commission and a professor gave her one last question: „Who is the head of the U.S.?“ A friend of himself spilled the speed of lightning: „The U.S. is headed by Queen Elizabeth.“ And there was silence. After a gentle admonition that it is not the queen, the friend corrected: „No, Queen Sun College of Consuls. “

If you have the courage and the teacher, who in his field too nevyniká, you can fudge a little. "Classmate wanted to avenge our professor, who taught us the basics of social sciences. Classmate took his Marxism and his entire story based on the Destiny colorful makeup a little-known Czech Marxist John Close. The teacher was a manifestation of the student's knowledge and kidnapped, that neither noticed that no one near to John never existed, "says Vladimir Vacátko.

Those who will graduate soon, I wish you luck. And believe me, when this is over, we remember with a smile on all their setbacks, and slip. That have you ever heard? So believe it :-).

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