An increasing chances to get into college Added:24.5. 2007
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An increasing chances to get into college

This year's applicants for admission to college will have a much better chance than their predecessors. According to the Institute for Information on education is increasing year on year the number of students of Czech universities by about ten percent.

The overall success rate of applicants to universities and colleges last year was 73.8%. The greatest chance for success promises Technical University of Ostrava, which was adopted last year 90% of students. In second place is traditionally the Technical University of Prague with almost 88%. On the contrary, the Academy of Arts and Design last year was 8.6% of applicants accepted, but the odds are slightly higher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (14.4%). The greatest chance of success with graduates of secondary schools.

More and more faculty introduces an entrance examination by Scio tests. Apart from Masaryk University and meet with applicants for studies at the faculty of National University of Arts and Faculty of Palacky University.

University degree in the CR by the Association Topregion approximately 12% of the people, thus, are of Turkey.


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