J. Škvorecký Literary Academy - an application to the end of May! Added:25.5. 2007
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J. Škvorecký Literary Academy - an application to the end of May!

Literary Academy (Private High School Joseph Škvorecký) accepts applications up to 31 5th 2007th The admission procedure consists of two parts and will be 18th 6th 2007th

The written test is part of English (grammar – word processing, dictation and style) and the aptitude test of creative writing. The aim is then oral communication skills and examine the author's ambition candidate, or even its author's direction. Examiners also want to know what his motivation (eg, fame, a sense of solitude, the creative process and literary pattern).

Academy is planning the second round of admission, with a deadline at the end of August. For the next school year will be taken approximately 90 students. Tuition for one academic year is 59 500, – CZK.

Private College Joseph Škvorecký offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in media and communication.

More information on the „sides of the school.“: Http://www.lit-akad.cz

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