Mendel University opened a wine shop, academic Added:31.5. 2007
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Mendel University opened a wine shop, academic

Yesterday was inaugurated the newly built wine cellar and wine Academic Information Centre of the Mendel University in Brno. Wine Shop is located on campus.

Wine lovers can look forward to a number of academic wines from our own vineyards in the refrigerator and Žabčice. „A wine refrigerator is Žabčice and between staff and students of the University of consistently high interest and for the second year on campus is an occasional sale of wine for staff and students, which is remarkably successful,“ said Henry Rector Neruda.

The university environment is a rather exceptional event, according to the Mendel University, however, is the logical outcome of developments in winemaking and viticulture at the University and beyond.

The public will be wine and wine Academic Information Centre open regularly from Monday to Friday at farm 5, 613 00 Brno – Černá Pole.

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