Bolzano Prize Competition Added:15.6. 2007
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Bolzano Prize Competition

Students of Charles University, who are in bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree studies have the opportunity to attend the 14th Bolzano's annual competition for the price. It is awarded for groundbreaking work with the creative content that an individual worked during the study.

The competition is open to students of legal, economic, mathematical and social science courses accredited at Charles University in Prague.

Work must be submitted by 31 7th 2007th The candidate shall study their department faculty application form, two copies of their work and their opinions (opinion leader or supervisor and thesis statement opponents 1–2). The award ceremony contest winners (and their winning work), together with the ceremony will take place in November 2007 in Karolina.

For more information, entry form and competition schedule can be found „here.“: Http://www.fsv­

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