Additional entrance exams - Routledge Added:16.6. 2007
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Additional entrance exams - Routledge

Faculty of Education, University of Ostrava announces additional admission to these newly accredited programs:

** Health Education – Mathematics Education Health Education – Czech Language Education Health Education – Technical Training Education Health education – music education with a focus on education Health Education – Christian Education for Education **

This is a two-field three-year bachelor's degree in full form. Graduates may pursue master's degree in the field of teaching for 2 elementary school and get qualified teachers for the 2 Primary School.

Together with the application form sent to the candidate mandatory (all fields of common speech is a professional recommendation, a copy of the annual high school diploma and a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate, other requirements may vary) and optional (usually proof of activities related to field practice), part of the application.

Deadline of submission and payment is 31 7th 2007th Admission will be by tender – on the basis of supporting materials to application.

Detailed information can be found on the „pages of the faculty.“: Http://pdf.osu­.cz/index.php?ka­tegorie=93&id=2842

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