Bohemia Hotel School offers a new degree course Added:28.6. 2007
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Bohemia Hotel School offers a new degree course

Pedagogical Lyceum with a sports focus. It is planned field of study Bohemia Hotel School. Novelty is a school director Jaromir Pecina. It is leaving the field of general education focus.

„The idea is based on the realization of Czech football academy. With the project I met during my work on the position of Chef-coach Youth Sports Centre AFK Chrudim, "says Pecina. The school wants the greatest extent possible to combine sports training with the study. "We will offer up to eight hours per week of physical education in its practical and theoretical form,“ explains the director.

Will teach world languages, computer skills and general subjects. Graduates GCSE study concludes. It is assumed that young people will then be prepared for further study at university.

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