MA Social Policy in the UK - you can still log in Added:8.7. 2007
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MA Social Policy in the UK - you can still log in

Institute of Sociological Studies, Department of Public and Social Policy, Charles University, opened in the academic year 2007/2008 additional two-year master's degree in Public and Social Policy in combined form. Applications should be handed over to 15 8th 2007th Entrance examinations will be held on 6 9th 2007 13th term replacement 9th 2007th

Graduates will be trained multidisciplinary professionals applying in public administration and private sector in the role of officials, politicians, analysts, consultants, staff providing specialized consulting services. The acquired skills will enable them to identify, assess and analyze the nature and content of social problems in the context of current knowledge about social development, to design policies to address them, possibly even participate effectively in the practical implementation of these policies themselves.

This will be the workers who will be able to apply to work in teams or as managers in the analysis, design and implementation of public and social policies at all levels (local / municipal, regional, national and transnational – eg EU, OECD), a dynamic system governance (governance), including existing relationships with other actors in public policy.

More Information „on pages of the faculty.“: ~ Http://samba.fsv­ tomandl / Accreditation%% 20kombinovaneho 20studia/verze8­.2.07.doc

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