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Become an astronaut Added:18.7. 2007
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Become an astronaut

International space camp očima opavské studentky

Simulation of Space Shuttle missions, meetings with famous personalities of the U.S. Space and many others will experience later this week (20 to 27 July 2007), two Czech students. About how you ran last year more povypráví Opava student Theresa Sosíková.

Simulation of Space Shuttle missions, meetings with famous personalities of the U.S. Space and many others will experience later this week (20 to 27 July 2007), two Czech students. About how took place last year will tell you more Opava student Theresa Sosíková in our interview.

International Space Camp each year to students participating in 30 countries, including since 1995 the Czech Republic. This is a weekly educational program for people interested in space travel, which takes place in outer space.

Theresa Sosíková (18) in 2006, along with the selected Vojtech Kudela Czech delegation attended the annual International Space Camp (ISC) in the American Huntsville – a city known as the cradle of American aerospace.

** In the United States have spent a week. What does the curriculum include? ** The main mission of the program, simulations were shuttle mission. Every day we were either training for the mission or the mission itself. The mission lasted one hour. Individual team members can try out the various functions such as Pilot, Commander, Mission Specialist (one who performs a spacewalk – work outside the shuttle), Capcom (operator, provides communication between the control center and the space shuttle), Mission Scientist (analyzing the results received from the station ISS). The daily schedule also included meetings with famous rocket engineers, scientists, astronauts. Furthermore, thematic lectures, aeronautics, space hygienics, the principle of rockets. engine simulator-based training as a monthly walk, weightlessness, but also workshops where we sestrojovali model rockets.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1890/is­c01.jpg]

** You should have the opportunity to experience the unique training facilities, experience of the actual training of astronauts. What are the impressions left in you training? ** The ISC rules strict discipline, a participant for the duration of almost pulling out of reality. We could not leave or stick your foot off the hostel, to say nothing about the area. The program lasted continuously throughout the day until ten in the evening, no quiet afternoon, probably to keep us alert. I believe this is authentic with what the real astronauts go through. Space missions are very demanding and mentally, a hesitation can be fatal. On something like this, one must be trained.

** Have you the state of weightlessness? ** No. Flights to weightlessness (Zero G) in our program was not included in the CPI are allowed to attend only the people come of age. Zero G Flight, however, took a group of teachers who have a different program (from us, then Mrs. Hanzlikova).

** Have you met with an important personality (America) space? ** We met up with dr. Georg von Tiesenhausenem, who helped construct the Saturn 5 rocket that transported the Apollo to the Moon. Furthermore, Grace Corrigan, mother died tragically party Challenger mission.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1890/is­c03.jpg]

** The actual project was preceded by the insolvency proceedings – how many parts were made up, what should potential candidates to focus on? ** Applicants must write at least three-page essay on space, astronomy, astrophysics, aeronautics. Work may be scientific, but also non-scientific nature (reasoning, discourse). The essay must be written in English. The work is sent to the Prague Planetarium, which provides bankruptcy and collected by the Czech delegation for ISC. After sending the candidate received an invitation to audition. Auditions will consist of two parts – written (test) and oral. The test is again focused on the U.S. space agency, especially on the shuttle, celebrities, Apollo, but you get there a couple of questions in physics and chemistry. During oral questions the jury asks of space, is interested in the views of candidates, explores the general overview. Both in English again. Finally, the chosen one boy, one girl and the accompanying teacher.

** Who else may be involved in the project? ** ISC is a limited age events, so students can participate from 15 to 18 years.

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